Duane Hallock Photography | Kansas City Favorites

Streetcar Crossing-WRGraffiti Art on the Bridge-WRKauffman Center in the Storm-WRDowntown Streetcar-WRPresident Hotel-WRRosedale Memorial Arch at Sunrise-WRAfter the Storm-WRScout Framed by Tree Branches-WRFirefighters Fountain-WRGazebo in Case Park-WRRiverfront Park at Sunset-WRHappy Gillis Café & Hangout-WRCathedral of the Immaculate Conception-WRKaw Point Woods-WRTracks to Downtown-WRFoggy Sunrise in Loose Park-WRMuseum at Prairiefire-WRThistles at the Museum at Prairiefire-WRBlack-eyed Susans at Prairiefire-WRKit Bond Bridge-WR