Duane Hallock Photography | Liberty Memorial

Memorial to the Great War-WRThe Liberty Memorial after the Rain-WRMemorial Day Flags at the Liberty Memorial-WRFireworks at Liberty Memorial-WRLiberty and Freedom-WRLiberty Memorial at Dawn-WRStormy Skies at the Liberty Memorial-WRWWI Reflections at the Liberty Memorial-WRAfternoon at the Liberty Memorial-WRFountains at the Liberty Memorial-WRUnion Station Clock at Sunrise-WRReflections of a Rainy Fourth of July-WRThe Memorial on Memorial Day-WRStreet Lights in the Fog-WRStranger at the Liberty Memorial-WRStranger in the Morning Mist-WRAutumn at the Liberty Memorial-WRSkyline Sunrise from the Memorial-WRCityscape from the Liberty Memorial-WRFoggy Memorial-WR